A New Little Something

A New Little Something

We couldn't be more excited about our launch today of the new Tiny Tidings miniature candle line!

We are pouring all-natural soy wax candles in Yankee style, midcentury mugs, floral tea cups, pillars (on vintage buttons!), seashells, and more styles to come ahead! 

After this initial release, we are planning to release new candle batches on "Tiny Tuesdays" in both our new tiny and our regular size candles so that we don't have to do announcements about batch releases and they are just a more regularly scheduled event: Tuesday evenings at 7pm you can just stop by the shop and see what's in stock! Any full size candles left from previous batches will be discounted. 

Follow along with news about the miniature candle making studio renovations on chandler Mary's instagram, and check out candle batch info on our TikTok, Instagram or Facebook.

We hope you enjoy our exciting new little project!

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