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Dr. Beachcomb

A Beachcomber’s Odyssey book by S. Deacon Ritterbush

A Beachcomber’s Odyssey book by S. Deacon Ritterbush

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Awarded the Independent Publishers gold medal for Collecting/Hobby Book of 2009; Eric Hoffer Honorable Mention Award for Most Inspirational/Best Self-Help Book of 2009; and shortlisted for the da Vinci Eye Medal for Cover of the Year. This is a beach book like no other. 19 Beaches. 19 Life Lessons. 19 Beach Treasures. 34 amazing full color photos of sea glass and fossils, shells, ceramic shards, driftwood, Asian floats and more.... With end quotes by Shannon Brownlee and Richard LaMotte, this first beachlog by Dr. Beachcomb offers up treasures for the pocket, the spirit and the soul. Stroll shorelines from Nantucket, Chesapeake Bay and the Jersey Shore to Hawaii, Samoa, Scotland and Jamaica and discover beautiful treasures, soothing life lessons, and fascinating history and science facts. Discover the secret to patience. How to rekindle hope or calm the mind. Where the real Treasure Island is. Where time begins. When, how and where to beachcomb. Ritterbush's book re-awakens a sense of wonder in nature and in your own journey through life.

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