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When’s Low Tide?

Beach Bank Box Monthly Subscription

Beach Bank Box Monthly Subscription

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Just want to get some vitamin sea in your mailbox one time or every month? We gotchuuu! You will receive a combination of sea glass, beach pottery and one varied size beach-found bottle each month to add to your collection. Minimum of 25 beach finds. Variety of shapes, sizes and colors to keep it interesting one time or each month! Collection will include one beach-found marble— (note: beach marbles are not wave-worn as they have eroded from shorelines area coastal landfills; however they are at least a half-century old and beautifully vintage.) Free shipping! One time-purchase or save and receive the box monthly. Cancel anytime. (Note: monthly subscribers to the @marytmccarthy Instagram account also receive one rare beach find upgrade.) 

A portion of the proceeds of each sale supports the Beach Bank building home of The Beachcombing Center nonprofit museum dedicated to preserving an international beachcombed finds collection.

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