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When’s Low Tide?

Beach-Found When’s Low Tide Cosmetic Jar Candles

Beach-Found When’s Low Tide Cosmetic Jar Candles

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Our When’s Low Tide candle collection is poured with Phthalate-free fragrance in hand-beachcombed, upcycled or handmade containers with a hidden beach find (beach marble, bottle stopper, figural or jewelry quality sea glass) inside. Candles are hand-poured in small batches in-house on Tilghman Island, Maryland USA and depending on variety are topped with small/crushed seashells, fresh dried spices or florals, sea salt, candy sprinkles and other fresh ingredients, and sea glass.

Our candle scents vary by season; we pour a total of over 100 scents. 

Like each of us, the candle containers are unique and not perfect (often cracked, chipped, missing handles, etc) — they are in their shoreline-found conditions. Since they are fragile, we don’t recommend burning them for excessive amounts of time (more than 3-4 hours) because they do become quite hot, especially cobalt blue jars. Use a heat safe plate underneath and don’t leave unattended. 


Thank you for your support. We are pleased to honor the history of those who once owned the containers we are upcycling and reusing, and we hope the candles bring some joy, lighting up a bit of darkness in your home or life. 🌊🕯❤️✨

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