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Jay Fleming

Island Life by Jay Fleming book (signed)

Island Life by Jay Fleming book (signed)

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Renowned Chesapeake Bay photographer Jay Fleming’s second book, Island Life, is a visual narrative of the environment, communities and commercial fisheries of Smith Island, Maryland and Tangier Island, Virginia—the last inhabited offshore islands in the Chesapeake Bay. Although less than 15 miles of water separate Smith and Tangier from the mainland, centuries of isolation have preserved the unique way of life of these island communities, making them feel worlds apart from the life most of us know.

Since his first trip to the islands in 2009, Fleming has seen remarkable changes to the islands’ landscape and communities. Cemeteries are washing into the water, acres of marshland are disappearing and the populations are in decline. Fleming felt a sense of urgency to document the islands’ iconic working waterfronts, as the very forces that sustain them also threaten to take them away.

Equal parts informative and aesthetically pleasing, Island Life reveals the beauty and the perils of a life dependent upon the rhythms of the tide and the harvest of the Chesapeake Bay.

Publisher - Jay Fleming Photography LLC
Release Date - October 2021 (First Printing)
Size - 10”x12”, 10”x24” when opened
Page Count - 280 Pages


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