FAQ: Your "Burning" Questions ;)

How can I get a When’s Low Tide candle?

We launch candle batches every other Tuesday or more often on holiday weeks. Batch release times are announced on our Instagram (Instagram.com/whenslowtide) and Facebook pages.


Why are they always sold out?

Many candles are made in one of a kind beach found, vintage and other one of a kind  containers sourced at coastal landfills through beachcombing and mudlarking (others are found in antique stores)- they are a limited resource so they cannot be made in unlimited quantities; they are handpoured in small batches according to container availability. Since all our candles contain beach finds that are also a limited resource, we will never have unlimited candles available. We have also added treasure candles to our collection that include hidden reiki-infused crystals.


I had candles in my cart during the sale and then they were gone. What happened?

During the batch release there can often be over 100 people on the website at one time, and up to 20 people with the same candles in their shopping carts simultaneously. Similar to the way concert tickets are sold, whoever checks out with the candle first will be able to purchase it and it will disappear from the other carts in order to ensure the same candle is not sold multiple times. We apologize for any inconvenience but this is the way the Shopify platform is set up in order to protect purchases for customers.


I made several purchases in one day, can you combine shipping?

Because people are sometimes rushing to buy a candle, we have found that often there are multiple purchases by individuals on a given day. We used to try to do refunds and combine shipping, but this caused us to have to recalculate new package and postage weights outside the system in addition to doing calculations and refunds for what soon amounted to many dozens of orders and it became impossible to spend the time in administration, so we had to abandon this policy and now cannot offer shipping cost refunds. Postage paid on one order is often not enough to cover shipping two candles depending on candle weight. If we see that there are more than three separate orders we will try to refund the shipping cost on one of them when possible and will often ship in one box to save on the cost of resources. Please note that when possible we use biodegradable packing materials and recycled cardboard. We upcycle/reuse all packaging material we receive as well.


What is your container refill/return policy?

If you would like to return candle containers, we will offer a shop discount of 25% on a future purchase on 4 or more jar containers returned for recycling (two coupons for 8 jars, etc).  We can refill teacups, Extra Large white cosmetic jars, or oversized large size alternative containers (teapot, Barbasol jar, larger subscription vessels etc). We will charge $30 including a new beach find, plus shipping cost, to refill and return the container to you. Unless you specify otherwise and are willing to wait for an in-house standard scent, we will pour the jar in a current scent we are pouring, thus making it a “surprise” scent.

What is a “Surprise Me” or Mystery Candle?

Surprise Me or Mystery candles are candles that are poured in unusual containers that don’t fit into our standard sizing, or a combination of two smaller jars left from a recently poured batch.


Where are you located?

We are located at The Beach Bank, 5782 Tilghman Island Rd, Tilghman Maryland 21671.

Have more questions? Email Chandler in Chief Mary McCarthy marytmccarthy@gmail.com