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When’s Low Tide?

Handmade Scented Firestarters

Handmade Scented Firestarters

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New! 🔥These beautiful handmade scented firestarters are perfect for your campfire! We use scented wax (Ponderosa Pine or Cinnamon Vanilla) with a mix of whole cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, dried oranges, dried apples, bay leaves, nutmeg, pinecones, pine needles and wood chips in cupcake paper with longer wick for easier lighting; when igniting you can also light the cupcake paper if desired.

These are designed for outdoor fires 🏕️ due to wax debris but can be used indoors depending on fireplace— just wait until next day and use a flat tool to easily remove hardened wax. 

Depending on size of melter these can be used in melters, or simply cut into smaller sizes to use in melters. 🔥

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